Behind the Scenes: Let Loss Reveal What Was Lost


Reynisfjara, Vik, Iceland

On our second day of our trip together, we drove all the way down the north west, to the southern part of the country called, Vik. It was the longest distance we traveled in a single day on the trip, but absolutely worth every second. We passed endless waterfalls along the mountains. Glaciers up in the mountain peaks and green pastures filled with wooly lambs and beautiful horses. 

We finally reached the beach and immediately started exploring, but sure enough my stomach started growling and it was definitely time for dinner. Luckily there was a cafe/restaurant Svarta Fjaran, right off the beach that served great food and offered brilliant views of the coastline. We then gathered all together on the beach and starting brainstorming ideas, bringing over our gear, props, and costumes. I climb up on the cliffs to check out some of the other views of the beautiful landscape. It was an amazing sight, which was almost ended quickly by a few sheep on the hillside who were not too please to see me. 

The magic hour was approaching, but in Iceland, sunsets like these usually last a few hours. Perfect lighting for photographers. We took turns shooting concepts and helping out one another on different projects. I grabbed one of the smooth lava stones that covered the beach and saved it as a little souvenir. It sits in my room now next to a lava rock bracelet we each made together (thanks to Dawn) after we were done shooting, while up on the cliffside, huddling for warmth and sharing tea. We still had a full week ahead of us on this adventure and there was still so much to look forward to seeing and doing. It was a great start to the trip! With these guys though, it's hard not to crack a smile every few minutes. 

I had Brook model for this concept I had in mind. While she finished shooting a project of her own, I scouted the cliffs above, looking for an interesting vantage point, something a little different to incorporate the amazing basalt rock formations. It was an honor to shoot such a talented friend who's dreams are bigger than life and she puts so much energy into all the things she does. Without her, none of us would have met over a year ago in France. A trip I'm grateful for going on immensely. I love how diverse our group is and how each of us all have something different to share and bring the table. It's wonderful getting to learn more about these friends and catch up on the year that we've last seen each other.