Behind the Scenes: Untamed Delusions of A Broken Heart

This image was photographed a few days into our Icelandic adventure. After shooting earlier in the day in one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, the Fromagi's gathered into our RV's and crossed the wild landscape to reach another breathtaking location, Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon. On the drive over, I sketched out a few ideas I've been working on that I really wanted to shoot. I was so inspired by the landscapes, so it was really easy to focus on the concepts I was planning. I eventually shot these concepts in the following days, which is always such a fulfilling feeling. 

We reached the glaciers around midnight, so we changed our plans and decided to sleep next to the icebergs surrounding us in our little mobile homes. I loved falling asleep that night to the sounds of the ice breaking and crashing into the water. We explored the coast of the lagoon and everyone had that twinkle in their eye. The creative juices were flowing. We started going back and forth, sharing ideas with one another about concepts, who to shoot, what use, etc. Brooke (being Brooke) exclaims she's getting in the water, and we all kinda laughed because we thought she was joking. NOPE! The dead serious face she had said it all. 

She had brought along waders which were going to keep her at least dry in the icy water. After getting in the water and shooting a concept of her own, she volunteered to model  for a few short minutes before the cold became too much. I've fallen through thin ice before into freezing cold water. It really shocks you and takes the breath right out of you. Heck, I'm one of those people who take a million years to get into a pool if it's feeling somewhat cold. But this woman held her poses gracefully in there. It wasn't for long, but I definitely have to give her credit for doing that for as long as she did. Our friend Rebeca went in right after, using the waders as well. As much as I wanted to shoot a self portrait out in the water, it just wasn't in the cards, and I didn't want to risk getting a cold before the trip was over. Yeah, excuses, excuses. 

After an hour or so after arriving and shooting, we started getting settled in for the night. Before calling it lights out, the ones who were not too sleepy yet, hung out in one of the RV's for a few drinks and shared stories and were uncontrollably laughing. A great way to end a long adventure filled day.