Behind the Scenes: Try as He Might


Be Patient, Stop Doubting

As hard as you might try and as dedicated you are to something or someone, sometimes things don't always work in your favor or don't turn out as you expected them to be. This is how the world works, unfortunately; we aren't all granted a fairytale story or ending. Maybe it doesn't make sense now, maybe it never will, but it's important to adapt to your surroundings the whole way through, though.

From time to time, I remind myself about this thought, because I have goals, dreams, and my own expectations on what I want out of life and where in life I want to go. Yes, honestly, I do get frustrated at moments (especially recently), knowing how much farther down the road it's going to be until I've achieved what I want. It could very well be from wanting to be a perfectionist in my career or from seeing artists I look up to elevating themselves, getting to places in life where I'd like to be as well. It's all about fabricating that into some tangible reality now. Figuring out the steps I need to take to get myself on the right track to grow.

Sure, it's easy to get caught up in that train of thought with those comparisons frequently right in front of you, but is it really that unrealistic to think other people I know don't have these same feelings? I keep telling myself, "be patient, stop doubting." I know thinking everything will figure itself out tomorrow morning is a silly thought, and I don't expect things to magically be accomplished overnight, but I keep trying. There's a steep road to venture still. I'm well aware the progression I'm after isn't going to be the quickest. I'll do my best to take in the views of the world while everything starts shaping out and taking hold. I can only hope to do my personal best because you have to put into the world what you want out of it.

I've been told the first step in almost anything in life is going to be the hardest, because most people usually have the tendency to have, at least to some level, a fear of the unknown. Fear can easily be a dangerous thing. I've seen what it can do once its tight grips have anchored you down to stop trying, ending any possible way or reaching new achievements. It's sad to see that happen to people. Everyone's situation is going to be different and there isn't going an instruction manual guiding you in the absolute way of how and what should happen now and next. That's why it's so absolutely important to have passion in the things you're determined to do and accomplish.