Behind the Scenes: The Piano Remained There


I wasn't 100% sure if this photograph was ever going to come to life. I was losing light so dramatically during this shoot. After modeling for Joshua and Jenna's demos for the workshop and then posing for some of the other workshop attendees,  I explored the property and ended up traveling way to the other side from everyone. Walking being the main lodge/museum, I came across these rabbits roaming around, so curious me followed. Yes, Alice in Wonderland totally came to mind in hindsight. If it weren't for following the rabbits, I would have never stumbled upon this amazing piano hidden away in the back of the yard. I seriously wanted to take it home with me. 

Immediantly, I knew this would be where I would set up for my first shoot at the workshop. I ran back to the car with all my equipment and props and brainstormed some concepts. I just tried sitting first, and there wasn't much of a story there. Luckily for me, there was a nearby barn which had a table and chair inside. I dragged them over on the rocky landscape and climbed on top. I was going to try to make myself fly. 

From camera set up - changing my outfit - finding/carrying over the table and chair - the light beyond the mountains was going quick. Since I was alone for this one, every few shots I ran back to the camera and re-ajusted for the light and to look at my poses. 

Once I was happy with a few of the things I saw in my camera, I removed the table and chair from the scene and panned the camera over to expand for the final image. I was going as quickly as I could. I still had to make time to shoot a concept over on the other side of the property at the airplane, so there was still much more to do. 

I did rush through the expansion, by I was extra sure to overlap enough through each shot to make sure I had covered as much as the area in camera as possible. As I was panning, the rabbits returned back and ended up making it into the final shot, which I'm really happy about, since if it weren't for them, this photograph would most likely would have been ever taken. 

Behind the Scenes: Serenity Amongst Destruction

Photo Credit: Diggie Vitt 

Photo Credit: Diggie Vitt 

A few weeks back, a photographer friend of mine, Diggie Vitt (Featured in my Blog Hop. His work is amazing!) messaged out that he was looking for a place to stay with his friend Cameron, while they continued a road trip across the country. We got in touch and I told him I'd be more than happy to have them stay with me and show them around the area. After some parking troubles in DC, they made it up to the City of Brotherly Love.

Almost after immediately arriving, we found ourselves in my basement, experimenting with Diggie's new polaroid camera. We walked over to South St. and checked out a great area I know with thrift shops and antique stores. It's always fun to look for new props and wardrobes for shoots. We had nothing in mind, but you'll never know when inspiration strikes! 

The next day, we explored some better well-known spots in Philly. On our walk into the city, we found the opportunity to explore a church nearby my house. I'd never been inside and it was pretty amazing. We walked up to LOVE Park and towards the famous Rocky Steps, then along the trail on the river, back in time for lunch. We explored one of the local parks nearby and brainstormed on some concepts to shoot. 

That night, we planned a shoot for sunrise in of the the most beautiful abandoned places I know of in the area. It had been months since my last visit, so we checked out the location to see if it would still be accessible. 

I got in touch with my wonderful friend, Steph, who was excited to come along again and model for us. It was around 5am when we woke up, packed the car, picked up Steph, and made our way into the church before sunrise. Last time I shot here, it was in the middle of winter and freezing inside, so it was a nice change for it to be warm. 

The description of this photograph isn't actually far off from the truth on how we found our way inside. We patiently sat and waited for the sun once we were in, and explored some while we solidified the concepts we wanted to shoot. An amazing orange glow came in through the windows again and lasted some much longer than from what I saw back during the winter. It was perfect and I was drooling over it. 

Once I shot my plate shot of the scene, Diggie and Steph went on to shoot another concept while I continued to shoot extra images to expand my frame later in photoshop. All-together, this image is made up of around 65 individuals shots. 

We were extremely happy with how the shoot went that morning and made plans to go back home, eat, catch a little bit more sleep, then re-group with Steph again and a friend of hers to another park I love to visit. 

We went swimming and had a nice hike along the trails in the woods. Diggie managed to get Steph and I in cold water in the shade for another Polaroid idea he had. We were troopers and did it, while trying to keep our balance against the cut tent of the river and the slippery rocks beneath us. Then once out of the water, we found out he had to do another take, but it was still fun. 

The next day we slept in and Diggie and Cameron packed up again to make their way over to Long Island. It was absolutely great to meet both of them and to work along side Diggie. Those guys are so genuinely nice. Looking forward to see what they have in store as the continue their road trip across the country!