Behind the Scenes: Innocently Damaged


The Svartifoss Waterfall, in Skaftafell

We left Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon bright and early. We said goodbye to the glaciers and hit the road to Skaftafell. We reached the campsite, did a little maintenance to the RV's, had hot showers, regrouped and started our hike to the Svartifoss Waterfall. Photo props, outfits, gear, and all, we hiked up the mountain path, with beautiful views of the Icelandic landscape for miles and miles. Snowcapped mountains in the background, budding tress all around, fresh air in our lungs, it was amazing. 

I did happen to, which is totally like me to do, bring way too many things with me in a giant IKEA bag. After first 20 minutes of the hike, that thing weighed me down and I needed a little bit of help. I get indecisive sometimes when I'm shooting spontaneously or without a concrete idea in mind. Sometimes, when you're there in the moment and it's coming together in front of you, you know what works and what's going to tell a story. Funny thing is, I didn't even use one thing I brought up with us to the waterfall. 

When we reached our destination, we were a bit swarmed with other travelers and visitors coming to see the amazing sites of the basalt rock formations in the cliffs of the waterfall. It looks absolutely otherworldly and I love it for that reason. You look at place like this and you immediately see an Impressionist painting right before your eyes. The colors and the bold pastel-like presence of the shapes is one of the most unique things I've ever seen. 

It was misting with a bit of spray from the waterfall above, and Jen (Jen Brook) sneakily changed into one of the outfits Brooke brought up on the hike as well. It seemed like this was going to be a bit of a challenging place for everyone to shoot. There were many other photographers at the waterfall wanting to shoot the location too. We all did the best we could to let everyone finish the shots they needed or were shooting before we got our own shoots going for our visit. Jen stepped into action and literally all eyes were on her. I think it may have been part of the largest shoots I've ever been on with the number of photographers that were there, taking an opportunity to capture the amazingness the spills out of Jens movements when she's in character. 

I had some difficulty finding the right spot to frame my shot. I was looking for a low angle, but I didn't want to be under some of the other people there or blocking someone's perspective. I was really happy I found a spot on the side, which required my left foot to be a bit submerged in the chilly water, but I survived. I couldn't stop drooling over the background and the energy of the shot I captured of Jen. I would absolutely love to revisit this place one day and shoot here again and again. 

The Fromagi's!

The Fromagi's!