Behind the Scenes: Pause

After a good night's rest, we woke up and explored our campground surrounded by mountains. KD, Jessi, and I hiked up the nearby waterfall. I filled my water bottle with water from the stream and it was the most refreshing I'd ever drank. This followed by some time on the swings and a shower, an Icelandic refreezing cold waterfall fueled shower. Literally took my breath away. Brr! 

We hit the road, following back on one of the craziest and deadly looking steep paths out of the camp ground, in RV's no less. Soon enough, we arrived to Fjaðrárgljúfur, one of the most other worldly canyons I've ever seen in my life. Thick blue and green mosses grow scattered across the wild landscape, and the cliffs and rock formations jut out over the river below, hundreds of feet up in the air. 

I rummaged through my suitcase in the RV, trying to figure out what to bring with me. Typical me ended up bringing the entire thing, rolling it up onto the top of the canyon. Turns out, that wasn't as terrible as an idea as I thought. I was awestruck by this place, like I've been with every new landscape we've discovered on this adventure across the country. The sky was beautifully overcast the entire time, offering the amazing defused light I love shooting with.

A few in the group immediately took to the landscape and started shooting concepts. I ran a few ideas on what I wanted to do and eventually went with my first instinct. I set up my gear and got everything locked down and ready to shoot. Rebeca assisted me by pressing the shutter for this self portrait. My heart raced the entire time, it was incredible. 

When I finished my shoot, I packed up my things and explored the rest of the area, finding more of my group scattered along, lost in their element. It was magical and amazing to see so many creative projects being produced in this crazy landscape.